Raze 5

Your favorite killing machine is back and better than ever in Raze 5. Packed with incredible graphics, over 40 challenging levels, and more features, Raze 5 will give you hours of fun. Check it out now!

Playing Controls

This installment of Raze includes many of the familiar player controls from previous versions as well as many new keys you will need to become familiar with.

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  • Press A to move left
  • Press D to move right
  • Press W to jump
  • Press S to duck
  • Scroll your mouse wheel up to switch to the next weapon in your inventory
  • Scroll your mouse wheel down to switch to the previous weapon used
  • Press the number keys 1 through 0 to select a specific weapon
  • Press V to drop your current weapon
  • Press G to use a grenade
  • Press Q to pick up the last weapon you’ve used

Your character comes equipped with some basic abilities to enable him to complete the first few levels in the game with ease. These abilities can be activated by tapping various hotkeys on your keyboard.

  • Press E to use an item
  • Press Z to time warp
  • Press X to fall
  • Press C to use the kinetic module

>> Click Here To Play Raze 5 <<

Raze 5

In addition, for those who save their game online, there are a few additional hotkeys to help you tab through various panels and use various online content.

  • Press Enter to being chatting
  • Press Tab to check the leader table
  • Press Tab to change your personage
  • Press Esc to view the menu panel


How to Play

You play as a military robot with the objective to save the planet from various enemies. When you begin the game, you can customize your character by choosing from 10 different battlesuits as well as change the color of the character’s head, body, arm and leg armor. As you progress, you will be able to pick up new weapons and gear.

Game Shop

In the game shop, you will find many new weapons and equipment that you can use throughout the game, including pistols, assault rifles, and grenades. Most of these weapons are upgradable, making them even more powerful. Purchase and upgrade your equipment often so you’re sure to blast away your enemies with ease!

Raze 5


There are over 20 achievements you can obtain in Raze 5. Some may be fairly easy to achieve – such as killing 100 enemies – while others are quite difficult and may take some time and practice in order to complete them.

Customization Options

In addition to customizing your character,s appearance, there are also a few customization options available in the main menu options panel to help make playing the game easier and smoother for everyone.

  • Toggle the screen flash effects
  • Toggle the display quality
  • Toggle the effects quality
  • Toggle the physics quality
  • Choose whether or not to always use a new weapon
  • Turn on or off the cursor crosshairs
  • Adjust the sound effects volume by using the slider or clicking the mute button
  • Adjust the music volume by using the slider or clicking the mute button
  • Choose whether or not to display the tooltips
  • Choose whether or not to display hints
  • Choose fast or soft camera movement
  • Choose the violence level
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