Raze 3

Raze 3 is sure to blow your mind with all it’s new content! Shoot humans, aliens, and even zombies in this installment of the Raze collection! Earn stars, achievements, and in game credits throughout the game, then upgrade your character and weapons to become an unstoppable force!

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Main Menu

When you begin the game, you will see many playing options, including the campaign modes – Humans campaign and Aliens campaign – Quick Match mode, Premium Campaign, and Daily Challenges. In addition, you’ll see buttons located at the lower right of the screen where you can access the game’s options, upgrade store, achievements, and kill bonus goals. There are a total of 35 kill bonus goals that you can unlock!

In the Options panel, you can customize the game slightly so that it runs smoothly on your computer. In this panel, you can toggle the game’s graphics and effects settings between low, medium, and high, as well as toggle on or off the gore factor, music, sound effects, and voices.


Raze 3 features two key campaign modes – Human campaign and Aliens campaign – as well as a Premium Campaign. The Premium Campaign is not available to those who choose to save locally – instead, you need to first unlock it in the Online Save options.  In order to access the Aliens campaign, you first need to complete all 15 levels in the Human campaign. The Premium campaign comes packed with tons of additional content! There are 15 new challenge missions, a brand new map, 10 extra guns, 10,000 extra credits, four additional skins, 15 more stars you can earn, as well as many extra perks and abilities you can unlock.

>> Click Here To Play Raze 3 <<

New Levels

In addition to these campaigns, there are also daily challenges that you can complete to earn additional credits. Use your credits and the stars that you earn in these campaigns to purchase upgrades for your weapons, equipments, and abilities.

Quick Matches

In the Quick Matches panel, you’ll find a total of eight new playing maps! These maps are customizable – meaning you can choose how many bots you use in your team and the enemy’s team, choose the difficulty level, and more.

  • Deathmatch – Kill enough enemies to reach the score limit.
  • Team Deathmatch – Kill enough enemies to reach the score limit.
  • Capture the Flag – Capture the enemy’s flag.
  • Domination – Capture the enemy’s flags and hold them to gain points.
  • One Man Army – Work as a team to kill the One Man Army.
  • Elimination – Kill all enemies and be the last survivor.
  • Team Elimination – Kill the enemy team and be the surviving team.
  • Territories – Capture the zone and push toward the enemy base for a point.

Raze 3


As you play, you can unlock nearly 30 achievements. Some of these achievements can be relatively easy to obtain, while others are much harder.

  • Survivor – Complete the Human campaign.
  • Independance Day – Complete the Aliens campaign.
  • Pop Star – Collect 30 stars.
  • Rock Star – Collect 60 stars.
  • Super Star – Collect all stars.
  • Man of Many – Unlock all kill bonuses.
  • Terminator – Kill 150 robots.
  • Exterminator – Kill 150 zombies.
  • Genocide – Kill 250 humans.
  • Liberator – Kill 250 aliens.
  • Gunslinger – Get 150 kills with a side arm.
  • Rapid Fire – Get 200 kills with an automatic weapon.
  • Kiss My Boomstick – Get 200 close range kills.
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