Raze 2 Hacked

Raze 2 is an entertaining shooter-based game that will keep you hooked to your screens. The hacking codes that are available will let you start the game with infinite amount of credits, unlimited ammo, 10x more health, 10x faster ability to recharge, and will unlock all stages for you to enjoy. So, are you ready to shoot and kill?

In the game, there are innumerable achievements that you could complete to earn special modes and extra credits. Some of them are:

  • I hate nature will provide unlimited ammo mode.
  • A new hope achievement will give +500 credits.
  • A new era will provide +1000 credits.
  • Love is blind will offer 4x health mode.
  • Reach for the sky will provide moon corpses mode.
  • The versatile achievement will offer +300 credits.
  • With the kill enthusiast achievement you can earn +800 credits.


There are some more achievements that will let you earn credits, so try to get all of them. Controlling the game is easy; use the WASD or Arrow keys for movement. For aiming and shooting make use of the mouse. The Space key has to be used to Jump. To kill your opponents quickly, you can make use of the innumerable weapons that are available in the game shop. Here are some of them:

  • Uzi: It is weak at a distance but deadly when close.
  • M9 Barret: It does exceptional damage to enemy crotches.
  • Shotgun: Can shoot 5 bullets per shot.
  • Assault Rifle: Provides amazing speed and accuracy.
  • 50 Col Sniper: Capable of piercing tank armor.
  • Laser Minigun: Should be used for the highest ranking aliens.
  • Rocket Launcher: Carries V-12 rockets that have a large blast radius and magnitude.

There are numerous equipments available in the game like the Flux Capacitor, Armor Plating, Point Allocator, Adrenaline Boost, and much more. These equipments will immune you to fire, save you from fatal attacks, reduce the damage caused by shielding you, etc. So, depending on your needs, you can make use of these equipments. Also, there are several abilities available that can make your game all the more engrossing. Listed below are some of them that are available for a price:


  • Resupply: This will give you extra ammo for the current weapon that you are using.
  • Cloak: It will make you invisible for some time.
  • Static Field: It will shield you from all the damages and reflect the incoming projectiles.
  • Emergency Heal: Will heal you and the nearby allies.
  • Katana: You can attack with a quick slash of sword.
  • Land Mine: It will drop a land mine that will instantly explode when contacted with an enemy.
  • Grenade: It will bounce off terrain and explode in one second.
  • Teleport: It will send you to a random location on the map.

If you are stuck up at any level of the game and are unable to move forward, then make use of these tips:

  • If you are caught on fire, then jump in the water to cool off.
  • Bonus credits can be earned by completing the achievements and skillful kills.
  • Use shield to block head and butt shots.
  • Make use of several abilities as they recharge quickly.
  • Try to find all four secrets available in the game.

So, use our tips and have an awesome time while playing the Raze 2 game.


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